A Curve in the Road for Spartacus

Spartacus - our Big Friendly Giant - where do I start. Some time back Sparty produced a large lump seemingly out of nowhere on his side in the girth area. It grew and then burst and was treated with antibiotics. This cleaned it up but it did not go away. Scans, X-rays, biopsys and countless tests were performed over a long period of time but no answers gained. Eventually something had to be done. So a few weeks back, Sparty visited Vet Associates where the lovely Lacey and team did more ultrasound and X-rays to try and find the source and cause of this oddity. It was decided that surgery was our only option. Five hours later a long channel was removed which went from the lump all the way to the sternum. It appears that the most likely scenario was during birth - suspecting that the large foal broke a rib connected to the sternum. Ever since the body has been putting down new bone to repair this but not fast enough! There was a large area of soft diseased bone curated away and we are hopeful that in due course his body will now be able to heal correctly. With such a fascinating and unexpected conclusion to this long drawn out mystery we thought many of you would be interested to know the story. With much deliberation over all of this and the future and new direction of Bellecara it was decided that while the big man was on the table he would be gelded.

This decision was not made lightly, but we felt it was in the best interests of our gentle giant. When his lump has healed he will be started under saddle and enjoy a ridden life.

Personally I can't wait, I've been utterly in love with this horse since he arrived and to have him gelded, although it was never in the plan, is an exciting turn in the road.

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